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Thru File Sharing & Content Collaboration Platform

Built Exclusively for the Enterprise and Businesses

Thru is an end-to-end secure file sharing and content collaboration platform, exclusively built for the business user. It not only offers enterprise-grade security and reliability at the core, but also offers easy-to-use interface and deep integration into a variety of business applications.

With access via Web, mobile apps for iOS and Android, Thru Desktop Sync and Thru Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce, Thru gives your organization 360-degree access and ability to sync and share files from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Collaborate in real time by connecting all departments and giving your employees a secure virtual office experience that government and financial organizations trust.

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Thru OptiFLOW™

Add Automated Scheduled Transfers, Notifications and Business Application Workflows to Content Management

Enterprise content management and transactions can be complex and time consuming due to large file sizes, extensive file types and various protocols used within systems. With Thru OptiFLOW™, an easy-to-implement cloud solution, solve these issues and easily create automated business workflows between any of your enterprise applications, repositories and services. Easily schedule file transfers, synchronizations between repositories, email and SMS notifications on file arrivals and added data leak protection.

Unlike most automation solutions, OptiFLOW works in an enterprise-style, top down approach, allowing for workflow subscription rather than workflow creation. It comes with a visual control panel which allows you to easily manage your sources, targets and processor configurations in one place.  A full audit is available including analytics charts. Robust exception handling and management tools give you the peace of mind to manage your mission critical data and to scale as your business grows.

Whether it’s a multi-step workflow or a simple workflow, OptiFLOW ensures to improve collaboration for your team and help your users do things at speed.

OptiFLOW Capabilities


Automated File Transfer from Multiple Repositories:

  • Schedule file synchronization between various source and target repositories including out-of-the-box Amazon S3, Azure and Thru servers and easily connect to custom file repositories over standard protocols
  • Standard and custom filters to act on events using file and folder patterns
  • File transformations by Thru service including compression, encryption and conversion via the custom filter architecture
  • Integration with external systems via Web service calls that share the file data and metadata

Custom Notifications:

  • Reports and alerts to human actors on deliveries and failures via template-based emails
  • Reports and notifications to external automation systems on deliveries and failures via Web service calls

Manage Bandwidth with Thru OptiBAND:

  • Deliver messages and notifications to remote locations irrespective of limited, long-distance networks
  • Allocate satellite bandwidth in real-time


  • Encrypted transmission and storage of files
  • All activities are logged for analysis and reporting by administrators
  • Transactions are protected from malware with active antivirus scanning

The Industry’s Best SLA

  • 99.99% Thru cloud application uptime
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Thru OptiSPEED™

High speed file transfer for your enterprise

As enterprises continue to rely on web-based apps to collaborate and exchange content, the need for fast transfer of files from any device is essential.

With Thru OptiSPEED™, your enterprise can easily send and receive files up to 20X faster than with standard internet and, as a result, increase user satisfaction and productivity phenomenally.

Upload and Download Files in the Fast Lane

Deliver content up to 20x faster than standard Internet.

Guaranteed Security of Online File Transfer
Since OptiSPEED is transparent to all traffic with no caching of data, all data is transferred securely.

OptiSPEED’s “cloud-optimized routing” technology allows users to perform high speed file transfers at the most optimal speed. After a user sends files, OptiSPEED automatically directs online file transfers by the fastest route possible.

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Thru OptiPaaS™

Thru, Inc’s OptiPaaS™ is a scalable, Managed File Transfer-as-a-Service (MFTaaS) platform that enables businesses to easily schedule, track and control high volume file exchanges in the digital business ecosystem. The platform is built on Thru’s proven cloud infrastructure with multi-layered security, scalability, internet routing optimization, high-availability, business continuity, 24/7 customer support and transparent application software updates.

Break down data silos and meet compliance requirements with end-to-end dashboards showing an audit trail of all file exchange activity. Operators can effortlessly view, control and report important flow elements such as transfer status, target/source endpoints, file names, flow subscribers, alerts and more.

Partners just point and click to subscribe to the relevant OptiPaaS Transports and files begin to flow effortlessly in the business processes. Partners manage their endpoints independently of technology differences and file exchange skill levels. Real-time, end-to-end processing dashboards provide organizations with a centralized system of record to monitor and control file exchange activity.

Gain access to OptiPaaS in your MuleSoft application network via the Thru MFT Connector for Mulesoft. It adds simple pickup and drop-off file exchange operations that require no coding.

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Thru OptiBAND™ for Ships or Cruise Lines using Satellite Services

Step up your game and stop the bandwidth battle between your passengers and crew

Satellite connections are not only expensive but often experience outages, resulting in loss of productivity and potential loss of business. With Thru OptiBAND™, easily resolve this issue and get the most of your satellite or slow connections at sea or in remote offices.

Address slow connection speeds, reduce outages and improve collaboration with the help of OptiBAND which allows you to allocate bandwidth based on roles, prioritize file transfers in real-time and easily resume uploads/downloads after an outage — so you can ensure your users can continue collaborating without any interruptions. Combined with the Thru’s robust checkpoint restart, exchange content and any size files worry free, no matter where they are.

With OptiBAND You Can

Efficiently manage expensive satellite bandwidth

OptiBAND offers bandwidth optimization when very expensive limited bandwidth needs to be efficiently leveraged by users. Thru’s built-in adaptive real-time bandwidth management dynamically allocates bandwidth consumed in the messaging channel and compresses files to save bandwidth. It also addresses slow connection speeds by applying a combination of Thru’s accelerated content delivery network (CDN) (which uses parallel block streaming) and data caching.

Automatically prioritize mission critical messages

With greater visibility and awareness, IT administrators can accelerate business critical messages and prioritize them above less important traffic. OptiBAND uses rule-based prioritization to reorder high priority messages based on users and helps businesses stay on top of their mission critical needs and deal with fewer disruptions. So now your messages are not only transmitted faster but also in the right order.

Stay ‘always on’ no matter where you are or what size of file

Geographically dispersed users and employees can now quickly exchange big files and collaborate easily. OptiBAND locally caches data, and masks outages and slow connections. In cases of network interruptions, OptiBAND transfers data once connections are restored. With the benefit of file transfer checkpoint restart, it picks up transfers where it left off during previous attempted transfers. OptiBAND also automatically makes allocation adjustments by continuously monitoring transmission speed and reacting to connection speed changes, such as switching from VSAT to WiFi provided connections.

Collaborate securely and easily

Businesses can be assured they are collaborating securely when using Thru. Thru offers a variety of enterprise grade security features that includes full file virus scan, encryption at transmission, rest and delivery. Detailed audit and transaction details ensure you have validation and proof of delivery and end to end tracking of every message and communication. With access via web, mobile and email, your users can continue to do business anytime and from any device.

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Thru Digital Asset Manager™ (Thru DAM™)

Take charge of your brands with secure digital asset management

Brands and intellectual property represent considerable investment and are among the most valuable of all corporate assets. However, at every workflow stage there is potential for loss, needless duplication and costly errors by organizations who have substantial collections of marketing assets spread across disparate internal and external locations.

Thru Digital Asset Manager (Thru DAM™) provides the basis for organizations to transform how they produce, manage, share, use and re-use their corporate collateral and brand assets resulting in significant cost savings, productivity gains and increased market responsiveness. The Thru DAM solution epitomizes the “produce-once-use-often” principle. Now corporate assets from a logo to an entire marketing plan may be quickly retrieved and reconfigured for new assignments eliminating the cost of internal or third party suppliers producing them from scratch.

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