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Flexible Network Acceleration

Replify provides a software based WAN optimization product that can be used standalone or integrated into your existing product thanks to a flexible API. Replify is also one of the few WAN optimization vendors who specialises in providing WAN optimization and application acceleration for OEMs, with versions specifically tailored with company branding and tight integration.

Features & Benefits

Replify has customers located in all corners of the globe from office environments to remote communities. The flexibility of the product is demonstrated by a broad range of uses by our existing customers and can be deployed in a variety of ways. Replify currently has customers accelerating data on private jets, fleets of ships, enterprise data centres and cloud environments (including Amazon and Azure).

Multi Platform

Integrates easily with other products such as SD-WAN, Visibility & Control, Mobile Backhaul, Cloud Acceleration, satellite and many more.

Low Profile Client

Simple, small footprint client that works behind the scenes without noticeable impact on the device’s performance.

Edge Acceleration

Provide optimization right to the edge on end user devices such as tablets, phones and laptops.

Virtual Appliance

Virtual Appliance available on a wide range of platforms such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux bare metal, Docker, KVM & others.

Targeted Acceleration Capability

Specific acceleration for HTTP,  HTTPS, MAPI (Outlook email) and SMB file transfer.

Content Aware Acceleration

Access to similar content is greatly accelerated because of the byte-level de-duplication mechanisms.

Easy Deployment

Quick to deploy – be up and running in minutes.  Easy to scale up/down using simple license key – no new hardware required.

Resilience in Transport

Resume interrupted downloads. Even if the network fails and your file transfer is stopped, it will quickly pick up from where it left off thanks to the cached content.

Huge savings on bandwidth

Bandwidth charges cut dramatically as data volumes on the WAN are crushed. This means you can have more users across the link, or reduce the size of the pipe.

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