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Continuity Engine™

Application-Aware Business Continuity Software

  • Maintain Continuous Availability of Critical IT Systems with Instant Failover and Near-Zero Recovery Times (RTO & RPO)
  • Prevent User Downtime with Application-Aware Technology that Monitors the Health and Configuration of Applications
  • Protect Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments

Neverfail When Downtime is Not an Option

Continuity Engine protects your most mission-critical applications with a goal of zero downtime. It delivers near instantaneous failover with near-zero recovery times by proactively monitoring the health of your applications and ensuring that it is always in a healthy condition and in a healthy site. That site can be at the primary site, a secondary site or even a tertiary site.

Simply put, we can help you prepare for and protect your applications, servers and data from disaster without missing a beat.

After having assessed the business continuity and DR solutions on the market, we decided that Neverfail
was best placed to protect our critical systems at the application-level.

– J O Hambro Capital Management Group

Proactive Monitoring and Protection to Prevent Downtime Before It Happens

Continuity Engine monitors the health of an application ecosystem, including availability, capacity, and consumption of system-level resources and application-level behavior such as response times, service and database availability.

Unlike recovery-based systems which simply react to failure, Continuity Engine protects applications proactively by remediating the active application before a downtime event occurs.

Real-Time Replication and Instant Failover for Near-Zero Recovery Times (RPOs & RTOs)

Continuity Engine protects applications, files and databases through real-time replication to a hot-standby server (or servers).

When the system detects a potential application or server error, it executes a set of predetermined business continuity rules – all before the primary application or server actually fails.

Once problems have been resolved, failback is fully automated and non-disruptive.

Continuous Protection for Any Application on Any Server Environment (Physical, Cloud or Virtual)

Continuity Engine provides a range of plug-ins from VMware to Microsoft that intelligently identify when a component is likely to fail. Custom app? No problem. Continuity Engine has your back.

It works consistently across any hypervisor and any server with no dependencies on shared storage so there’s no single point of failure. Need to protect a Hyper-V VM using a vSphere failover? It does that too!

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Secondary Storage & Data Deduplication

  • Reduce primary storage costs by up to 95%
  • Meet blazing fast RTOs with Instant VM Recovery
  • Meet any backup window or RPO with ingestion rates of up to 300MB/s

Put an End to Explosive Data Growth

HybriStor delivers deduplication across sites, replication to multiple sites and WAN optimization between sites. This groundbreaking secondary storage globally dedupes data by rates up to 30:1 – moving backup, archive and recovery data off expensive primary storage and onto high-performance, low-cost secondary storage. Solving your data storage growth problems just got easier, enabling you to meet blazing fast recovery requirements on-premise, across sites, and even into the cloud while reducing storage costs.

“HybriStor is a perfect fit and it’s proving to decrease our total storage requirement by right around 95%, which helps our bottom line tremendously.”

— Drew Terrell, Owner of RunBiz Solutions

Deduplication For Your Entire Business

HybriStor delivers deduplication for inline/post transmission locally as well as globally. Our hub & spoke architecture for remote sites supports hundreds of endpoints aggregated back to a central hub where all of your multi-site data is deduped.

Since we do the inline/post dedup locally, you also replicate significantly less data across your WAN saving you network resources and decreasing your replication time. This reduces your storage capacity needs by up to 95%.

Instant Recovery For Virtual Machines

HybriStor’s InstaCache™ provides instant recovery for virtual machines; making it a perfect fit for disaster recovery, test and dev ops environments. In contrast to other solutions, InstaCache works great whether your backup is new or old because your data is pre-fetched and stored in SSD drives for fast virtual machine (VM) recovery. Without the need for data rehydration, you can recover VM’s up to 5x faster than the other guys.

Unlike traditional data recovery, you can run/mount a VM directly from HybriStor without having to copy it first. InstaCache delivers up to 10K IOPS (random 4K read from deduped data) which delivers a near-instantaneous VM recovery. Need to recover a VM immediately? Now, you can!

Data Protection That Does Not Fail

HybriStor offers a wide array of options for keeping your data safe, wherever and whenever you need it. Replicate data instantly from your premise to a secure and complaint Neverfail cloud or replicate from your premise to multiple sites of yours – the choice is yours.

Furthermore, HybriStor consolidates backup, recovery, and replication data onto highly-available secondary storage that keeps your data manageable from a single integrated solution – simplifying data management and protection.

With advanced technologies that make data protection simpler, like WAN optimization, consolidated data endpoints, and AES-256 encryption, you’ll always know that your data is safe and secure.

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Neverfail Cloud Backup

Backup and Recovery with Veeam® Cloud Connect

  • Rapid Recovery of Files, Applications and Servers
  • Simplified Backup and Recovery Management
  • Support for VMware, Hyper-V, and Physical Servers

The Simple and Powerful Way to Protect Your Data

Neverfail Cloud Backup and Recovery, built on Veeam®, provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of server applications and data. Support for virtual, physical and cloud servers enables IT to deliver offsite disaster recovery (DR) services and ensure IT availability with the #1 VM Backup for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Get Backups to the Cloud with Ease:

  • Simple Pricing: Veeam licensing, bandwidth and storage are included in one simple price.
  • WAN Acceleration: Make efficient use of bandwidth and accelerate backup and recovery speeds
  • Powerful Encryption: Encrypt all data at rest and in-flight for additional security and compliance measures
  • Image-Level Server Backups: Create application-consistent backups with advanced application-aware processing
  • Multi-Hypervisor Support: Protect VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers from one console
  • 100% Infrastructure Uptime SLA: Peace of mind that your data is always available when you need it.